Feeling grateful Friday


A great way to bump up our happiness levels is to get in the habit of regularly writing down what we’re grateful for. So, I’d love to start a Friday tradition of writing about 5 things that made or make me grateful. But first, a few links that caught my eye this week:

1. I’m grateful that our ultrasound yesterday showed that the baby is doing well. A couple of possible complications spotted early on have resolved themselves. It’s a good reminder that sometimes all we need is a little time.

2. I’m grateful to have such thoughtful and sweet coworkers, who surprised me yesterday with a cute card and generous gift for our new baby.

3. I’m grateful that I got to catch up with my best friends from growing up this past week in Boulder, while celebrating the marriage of one of them to a great guy.

4. I’m grateful that my mom, sister, and oldest niece are coming out to visit for a long weekend in late June.

5. I’m grateful that I have a good friend who just moved two blocks away; it’s so nice to have someone who can just drop by, or who we can easily catch up with on weeknights.

Side note: it’s interesting to observe that 4 of the items on this week’s list are possible because of the people in my life!

(Photo credit: Flickr user freeparking :-|)


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