Our babymoon


My husband and I recently went on a babymoon of sorts. One of my best friends was getting married in Boulder, and neither of us had ever been and were eager to check it out. We knew I would be about 7 months pregnant, so the timing was perfect to turn the trip into a babymoon. We decided to stay for a full week.

The wedding took up most of our first weekend. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony with a open-air pavilion reception. Rainy weather caused a little stress early on but ultimately didn’t keep anyone from having a great time.

image1It was so wonderful to catch up with my two best friends from growing up. (Hi, bump!)


We spent the next couple of rainy days exploring Boulder, walking around Pearl Street and checking out Chautauqua Park. If we ever go back, and it’s not raining all.the.time, I would love to explore the trails around Chautauqua Park some more. It was just at the base of the Flatirons, and absolutely stunning.

The bride is a big outdoors enthusiast (who isn’t in Boulder?) and recommended a hike in Rocky Mountain National park, just about an hour outside of Boulder. So, a couple of days after the wedding, my husband and I made the trip, only to find more rain and clouds blocking all of the mountain peaks.

The biggest bummer was that the trail we wanted to hike was covered in packed snow. It was slick, and since a fall would be particularly bad right now for me, we opted to skip it for an easy stroll around a lake at a lower elevation. I was pretty disappointed. The one highlight was getting to see these guys:


I texted her about having to pass on the hike, and she immediately offered us a couple of pairs of snowshoes. The crampon grips on the bottom would be perfect for getting a good foothold. We checked the weather for the next day, and it looked like there was a storm-free window until 2pm. Things were looking up!

We packed up the next day and headed back to the mountains. When we arrived, we were immediately so glad we’d come again. We were greeted with views like this, which had been hidden behind low clouds the day before.

image5We headed back to our trail and scrambled up that mountain to try to see all three glacial lakes that we’d set out to see before the storms came in, having heard the last lake was the most beautiful.

The second lake was not too shabby 🙂

image8But the third — Emerald Lake — was truly breathtaking.


It was completely covered in snow and nestled into a bowl. Everything was extremely quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. We stayed for about five minutes before deciding we needed to get back quickly to beat the storms.

We stopped outside of the park to get Nepalese food. It was my first time trying it, and it was pretty amazing.


We also stopped by the famous Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King to make The Shining. Creepy even now, don’t you think?


It continued to rain for the rest of our trip, but we did some fun activities indoors. We took a tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory, and we visited a couple of breweries, including Avery and Wild Woods. I only got to try a few sips, but my husband really liked what he tried at both, and we’d definitely recommend them.image3

It was a wonderful trip. I’ve thought for a while now that Boulder could be a great place to live, and the trip made me feel even more interested in that possibility. I love the outdoorsy vibe, the gorgeous scenery, and the cost of living (on that front, practically anything is appealing compared to San Francisco!).

Did you take a babymoon? If so, where did you go, and would you recommend it? 

Have you been to Boulder? What other sights do you recommend seeing? 


2 thoughts on “Our babymoon

  1. Hey! It’s Lindsay (@lindsayelizabethfit from Instagram)! Sounds like such a fun trip! Your mountain pics are gorgeous! I am super impressed that you were up hiking in your 3rd trimester. When I was that pregnant the most hiking I was doing was from the bedroom to the kitchen! (I was NOT active while I was pregnant, I had to start from zero after I had her.)

    We didn’t have much of a babymoon, but we did make a weekend getaway to the ocean a couple hours away when I was about 7 months.

    Have a great day!

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    1. Hi Lindsay! I thought that was you 🙂 The hike was pretty slow going, and I got pretty sore the next day, but it was so great to be outdoors and feel like myself for a while (know what I mean?).

      A trip to the coast sounds divine. I’m hoping we can do at least a day trip before our due date.

      How old is your little one? I hope I can be as active as you are after ours makes its appearance 🙂 Have a great day yourself!


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