Why I don’t want to own a home


I have a confession. I’m not really interested in owning a home.

I know it’s the American Dream and a step that defines adulthood. I know it means we could replace our ugly brass chandeliers with something we like. But I’m just not that interested.

Being in a rental makes me quite happy. Here are a few reasons why:

Rental living feels lighter

I think it’s the minimalist in me. I love the feeling of living lightly, feeling nimble and free. In our apartment, we’ve put down roots but are ready and able to move at any time.

Rentals are often well loved

If I scratch the paint bringing my bike inside our rental apartment, I don’t worry too much. But if it were a home that we had just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on, and that I knew we’d want to sell at some point, I would feel seriously guilty every time I did something to mess it up.

With a rental, we have money to spend on experiences

Especially here in the Bay Area, buying a house is an incredible expense. Even if we could one day afford it, I don’t want to have so much of our life savings tied up in a home that we can’t do things we would normally like to do.

I love my hobbies, and they don’t include DIY projects

I have many hobbies, but DIY is not one of them. There are many ways I’d rather spend a weekend than at Home Depot.

Having a good landlord is like having a security blanket

We almost never call our landlord, but it’s so nice to know that we could if something major were to break. It would be hard to give that up.

Would you be happier owning or renting? Have you ever owned a home? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share below.


4 thoughts on “Why I don’t want to own a home

  1. Good for you! (I own a home, but I miss my life as a renter, mortgage-free). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with NOT wanting to buy a home. I agree with all the points you’ve mentioned here. I think the older generation feels like anyone who doesn’t want 1. A Home 2. Marriage 3. Children, etc, etc…is breaking the cycle of the American Dream. What they may not realize is that this is not our dream anymore, it was theirs! We like freedom, and the ability to travel, pick up and go! A mortgage is a tremendous weight on the shoulders of this new generation, and it’s no longer welcome for many. Those of you who don’t feel pressured to make that “most important purchase of your life” should feel empowered. There are positives to buying, but they depend greatly on a person’s individual needs, and it’s not a necessity to the stepping stones of adulthood 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I feel like you’ve perfectly captured my situation, and the situation of so many of my peers. It is good to recognize what we want and not what we “should” want!

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  2. The great American Dream as typically defined has always felt a bit hollow to me. Probably why we find ourselves in our current situation. 😉 We do own a house, which we’re currently renting out, and have owned several others before. They’ve always been investments more than “forever homes”. Definitely with you on not being a DIY’er. Caulking and painting is NOT my idea of a fun way to pass free time. Don’t feel guilty for not wanting to buy. Enjoy your freedom and simplicity! Home ownership is NOT the mark of adulthood. 😉

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