Why not aim high?

Somehow I’ve found myself reading a lot of books about happiness and positive psychology lately:

In the first book, I read fascinating studies about happiness and human nature — the kind you have to read aloud to the person you’re sitting with. In the second, I followed the author on her journey trying out various ideas aimed at increasing her own happiness. The third provided me with exercises, like meditating regularly, that have been scientifically shown to increase happiness levels. The last has helped me prepare for motherhood, and to brace myself for the upheaval it will represent in my life.

In reading Happier I learned that happiness can be increased by pursuing activities that provide both pleasure (current enjoyment) and meaning (future benefit). Pursuing goals that we enjoy and that challenge us — enough, but not too much — is our best bet at increasing our happiness levels.

… which leads me to this blog. The idea of blogging has appealed to me for quite some time, a little seed germinating in the back of my mind that I’ve never watered or tended to. I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike, I suppose. In short, I’ve put it off. But why not now?

My goal with this space is to fill my soul tank (a variation on a concept from The 5 Love Languages). I want to challenge myself, enjoy myself, be creative, build something, and watch it grow — even if no one reads it but me 🙂

My promise is to share what I learn as I seek out little projects to make me happier. Why not aim high?